i’m jenni kowal.

I help creatives fuel their expression, sustain their creativity and harness ideas through self care and personal exploration.

you can live better life without your creative blocks.

I believe...

I know, because I’ve ridden the rollercoaster of feeling stuck, and unstuck. 

You don’t have to ride that rollercoaster any longer, my friend. 

As a self proclaimed multipassionate & creative human, I was desperate to understand how my brain worked and where my creative blocks came from. I am passionate about helping shift your mindset, setting up self care routines, and putting systems in place for a more fulfilling life. 

What I have learned is that every creative brain works differently. We all have different learning styles - and often might become frustrated when we can’t seem to find the flow that works for us. 

Creating doesn’t have to be complicated. You deserve a life full of passion, fun, creation and pizazz. I’m here to help you get there. 

After college, I realized that it wasn’t possible to package my creativity into a singular box. 

Wait, what?! 

Besides the normal, school-mandatory art classes that I took in grade school, I didn’t start to “bloom” creatively until high school. 

I spent my time in various forums on the internet, and one of them being a Good Charlotte fan forum. I noticed that everyone had super cool signatures whenever they made a post. I wanted one….

I opened up Paint Shop Pro (I am dating myself, here) and learned the basic graphic design skills to make some awful(ly fun) graphics. 

It all started on a Good Charlotte forum…

how it began...

After discovering this newfound passion, I went on to code my own Myspace, and I realized that I had an eye for design.

I got my first DSLR camera shortly after, where I would combine photography + design to swap people’s faces in Photoshop or tell stories through my art.

It wasn’t a linear process, but it led me to a 2 years technical Graphic Design program in High School, which led me to Tyler School of Art (Temple University). Somewhere along the way, I decided the Photography sounded more fun, and I chose that as a major. This wasn’t an easy choice, but I knew that I could hone both skills at the same time. 

By weaving photo & design together I was able to unlock many doors to uncover more about the world. I love to share resources with other creatives trying to chart their own path, which led me to coaching. My business thrives on adventures (both inward and outward) - and the creative journey is the most rewarding one I have found in my life. By incorporating self care into my life, I have found a better balance between creation and soothing my nerves. 

I never wanted to be “just one thing.”

You deserve a creative and fulfilling life, full of love for yourself and for the beauty of this world.

I believe...

- Sara b

Jenni does a beautiful job of truly listening to you, connecting the dots and helping you see that you always have the ability to turn the knob to the door that is blocking your path so you are in control of your destiny again. Jenni helps create an environment that you walk through together in order to realign yourself with your potential. 

She helped me see my desires as already completed and something I could guide myself to do.

- Sarah L

Jenni brings a lightness to her session that makes you feel comfortable heard, and supported. She provided an amazing structure that was a perfect fit for what I needed and reminded me to reconnect with my higher self.

I was more present my strengths, inner higher self and actions I could take that would bring me closer to my goals.

- Laura Tolosi

Jenni has helped me through various feelings and stages of my personal and business mindset growth that I would not have achieved without her. Her continued caring and support throughout these past couple months have brought me to a higher level of knowing who I am, loving who I am, and excited of who I am as a woman entrepreneur.

 I can manage my time effectively and not have that feeling of overwhelm.

raving clients


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