You want to spend more time creating.


Have you been in this situation?

You hand out a templated business card and say "Don’t laugh… I'm getting new business cards soon..."

You're embarrassed to share it with others.

But work shines on its own, it's amazing! You've started your business! You're getting your name out there!

But your brand doesn’t feel cohesive. You’re embarrassed.


You've done all the legwork.
I am here to help you with the rest.

I've worked with dozens of creatives  helping them grow from a drop of paint on canvas  to a full fledged masterpiece. Here is an example:

EEA Designs is a jewelry company specializing in Chasing and Repousse. Erin takes cold metal and transforms it into beautiful nature-inspired pieces that are inviting to touch, hold, experience. 

The goal was to create a visual representation of what EEA Designs is through a rustic logo design, clean and spacious product photography, a rubber stamp + embossed jewelry box, and printed materials for shipping. We wanted to create a special experience for the customer upon receipt.

My Starter Branding Package
might be just the perfect fit for you.

You're starting a business, or side hustle, congrats! What's next ? You need a brand. I will walk you through the steps to creating an awesome brand you will love. Start here.

  • Brand Discovery Questionnaire
  • Fully Custom Logo
  • Color Palette - Main + Accent Colors
  • Brand Fonts
  • Business Cards
  • Branding Guidelines PDF
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Hey, I'm Jenni.
Hey, I'm Jenni.
When I was 10, I changed my name from "Jenny" to "Jenni" because I wanted to put a star on top of the "i".

I'm the Chief Creative Weirdo at Anytime Creative. This is my journey and I want to help you on yours.

To say that I am a multi-passionate creative is an understatement, and It’s been a challenge narrowing down my focus to just one thing. While I am a photographer and designer by trade, there is so much more to creativity than what medium you decide to work with.

I draw my inspiration from the intersection of where (wo)man meets nature.

While I have lived all over the US including Alaska, Oregon and Maine - I currently reside in Philadelphia eating vegetarian cheesesteaks (those exist) and finding inspiration in every alleyway.

If I'm not working, you'll find me in the park reading in my hammock, planning my next big road trip, traveling to New Jersey to visit my 6(!) nieces & nephews, or wandering around Philadelphia taking photos with my best friends.

Let's Work Together!