• 62 Cards - Self Care Adventure Deck
• Card Cloth
• "I Am Enough" Wood Block Card Stand
• 5 Reflection Bookmarks
• 10-page guidebook
• Custom Fit Box


Self Care Adventure Cards 

The Self Care Adventure Cards are now in stock! 

Self care should be intuitive, fit into my lifestyle, and only when I need to focus on myself. I wanted to make it as easy as possible to tap into self care - whenever and wherever - and that's why I created this deck.   

spark your self care journey

What's Inside the Box

• 62 Cards - Self Care Adventure Deck
•  Topographic Card Cloth 
• "I Am Enough" Wood Block Card Stand
• 5 Reflection Bookmarks
• 10-page guidebook
• Custom Fit Box

The deck is broken down into  


Revitalize your life by moving and awakening your body.


Nourish yourself with the things that fill your cup.


Express what is going on inside of you.


Connect with yourself to invite a deeper understanding of who you are.


Reflect on what's next for you on your journey.

5 areas of self care

With the Self Care Adventure Cards, I make room for myself to practice when I need it to keep on in the pursuit of what I care most about in life: creativity, friendships, and connecting with myself.

No stress. No Strict Program. Just a better quality of life. 

I am so glad I discovered this self care adventure deck by Jenni! As a busy mom and business owner, it can be all too easy for my needs to come last. This deck is unlike anything else out there and made it super easy to incorporate self love into my daily routine again. I found myself rekindling my joy of learning languages and I even took a day (okay two) off.

There's so many ways to use it, literally endless possibilities! Everything about this deck is incredibly well thought out, from the soothing color palette and design to the myriad of fun and inviting self care activities. The actual cards themselves are a nice quality material, similar to playing cards. They will hold up to regular use. I highly recommend this deck for self care enthusiasts of all levels. I'm already thinking about who I know that needs one in their stocking this year... Run, don't walk, to buy a deck of your own!  

I like to shuffle through them and pick one at random.

Sarah a.
Moonstone & Home

I truly loved the feel, look and soothing vibe of the cards when I first opened them and as I go through them. Jenni not only captured an endless amount of amazing self-care activities, but the cards themselves elicit an easygoing calmness. I found the deck fun and easy to use in whatever mood I was in, whether I chose a specific activity in which I was prompted by the card, or if I was feeling a little wild for the day and choosing one by random. The endless creative ideas for self-care was a treat. Before using the deck, my routine was same old same old, but after the deck I am adding a little creativity back in! The deck is stacked with great ideas and brings me to a time when things were simpler - This deck is a great way to really reflect on your routine and add simple, self -care & pleasure to your life. Something we all can use!

"I use these 3-4x a week - at least! 

Laura tolosi
laura tolosi nutrition

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