Slow the Scroll – December Social Media Detox

Self Care

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Are you feeling burnt out? You might need a social media detox.

2021 hasn’t been an easy year and I am realizing that Social Media keeps me farther and farther away from myself. It isn’t fair to my creative projects, my mental or physical health, and overall it feels like a downright addiction.

This December, join me in a “Slow the Scroll” social cleanse – where I share my journey that feels much more supportive and unplugged than the life I have been living.

This is for you if:

  • You feel like you are constantly needing to “check” something
  • You haven’t created anything for yourself in a long time
  • You miss the days of living and creating *just for you*
  • You want to spend more time reading and relaxing, not comparing to others

I crave things to feel like 1997 again, where things were analog and my main distraction was a Lion King video game.

Are you ready to join me in Slow the Scroll December? It’s time for social media detox!

Here are some journal prompts for you:

  • My intention for this cleanse:
  • Things I want to move away from:
  • Things I can do instead: (for work or personal life)
  • Game plan for interacting with socials:

My Intentions

My Intentions:

  • Go deeper with work
  • Go deeper with connection to self
  • Feel less distracted
  • Create more for myself and don’t share it
  • Create pillar content for my brand
  • Create brand strategy that doesn’t rely heavily on social media
  • Reduce the need to check EVERYTHING (especially when I wake up)
  • Finish 1 book

Things I want to move away from:

  • Scrolling Instagram Mindlessly
  • Checking Email constantly
  • Checking FB Groups a lot (info overload)
  • Scrolling TikTok
  • Any short form video
  • Feeling the need to share every little thing I do
  • Mindless Youtube
  • Too much Slack as a distraction
  • Reading too many books at once

Things I can do instead:

  • Read one fiction book
  • Read one non fiction book
  • Implement StoryBrand framework
  • Plan and write pillar content blog posts
  • Write to my email list
  • Watch course about growing without social media
  • Gather resources the old fashioned way
  • Work on Uncover Your Creative Wellspring program
  • Plan Uncover retreat in January
  • Work on Email Funnels
  • Watch training videos that I am behind on
  • Implement said trainings
  • Activate CEO days
  • Go to the gym
  • Play Nintendo Switch
  • Watch Movies
  • Play board games
  • Get Christmas cards ready
  • Go out to dinner
  • Work in a coffee shop
  • Organize finances in Quickbooks and get taxes ready for next year
  • Take baths
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Write & record meditations
  • Send letters
  • Send emails
  • Draw
  • Collage
  • Paint
  • Work on family cookbook
  • Plan stuff to do in Nashville and keep a Notion doc of it!
  • Get accupuncture
  • Get a massage
  • Make a meal plan
  • Cook new recipes
  • Unsubscribe from emails
  • Start researching podcasts to outreach
  • Organize Canva Templates
  • Organize Notion
  • Go through old journals
  • Shadow work
  • Pull Tarot Cards

I invite you to write your own list of things to do!

How to interact with Socials:

  • Create a “Social Checking Block” for messages and any new notifications, respond and leave
  • Check Messages Once a Day
  • Check Email 2x Day
  • Remove Channels from Slack
  • Install Boomerang to pause emails if I need to work inside of them
  • Only Post 1-2x week, post and ghost
  • Send out Email 1x week
  • Banned From: Reddit, TikTok, Facebook (scrolling)
  • Check FB 1x Day
  • Use News Feed Eradicator for blocking feeds

If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to write out your own little plan so that you can follow & check in with yourself!

Mantra of the month: Rest is productive.

Set your Intentions:

  • Take time to just be. Release the need to check.
  • Allow my intuition to guide me towards what I want to do.
  • Plan the next day ahead on the night before.

And a few more Journal Prompts:

  • How do I want to feel at the end of the month?
  • How can I recalibrate this week, to bring in more of the desired energy for the next 21 days?

Let me know how it goes in the comments!



Slow the Scroll – December Social Media Detox

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