EEA Designs

EEA Designs

EEA Designs is a jewelry company specializing in Chasing and Repousse. Erin takes cold metal and transforms it into beautiful nature-inspired pieces that are inviting to touch, hold, experience. 


Logo Design
Font Family
Website Design
Product Photography
Printed + Packaging Materials 
Etsy Banner


The Approach

Create a shining brand to compliment her work

I have known Erin for all of my life, and one thing I knew about her was that her work stood out on it's own. I was excited to help Erin design a brand from the ground up after she set out to start her own Metalworking studio.

The goal was to create a visual representation of what EEA Designs is through a rustic logo design, clean and spacious product photography, a rubber stamp + embossed jewelry box, and printed materials for shipping. We wanted to create a special experience for the customer upon receipt.



The Final Logo

A Stamp Of Approval

The Final Logo is bold yet elegant, portraying a rustic sense of style that matches the ancient craft of chasing and repoussage. The hammer is a key tool that is used to create the piece, so its presence was important on the logo. The circle around the brand mark creates a "stamp" feeling, which we made into reality by ordering a rubber stamp to put on various pieces. 


Puttin' It In Print


Business Cards


Rubber Stamp


Jewelry Box


Jewelry Care Brochure


The Website

A Clean Portfolio

While Etsy is a great place to shop for ready-to-ship items, Erin wanted a place to showcase her work and provide examples for those interested in purchasing a custom piece. 


Every Studio Tells A Story

With such a fun and unique studio like Erin's, I wanted to make sure we captured some behind-the-scene photos of her working in her space, as well as the quirks that make it an inspiring space. With cats! Once we made our way into the photography studio, we chose to photograph on a white background to allow the work to pop on its own. 


Anytime Creative is like having a life coach but for your business. Starting a business can be so overwhelming. Jenni sat down and mapped out what each step that would Take to get to my ultimate finish goal of starting my own business. I had regular check-in’s emails and updates of what I needed to do to help keep me on track to make a dream a reality. Jenni helped navigate all the challenges of making a brand - from creating a logo, designing a webpage to helping design shipping labels. She helped manage the chaos in my brain of what I wanted to do but didn’t know how to do. All of it seemed so overwhelming, but every thing was broke down each week to make it manageable. If you’re looking to start something that seems impossible, Anytime Creative can help.

Erin Alferman
Owner of EEA Designs

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