There are three things you need to know about me:

1. I love mountains
2. I love sending mail.
3. aaaaand...I'm going on another trip.


This is your chance to get a tangible part of the experience.

I'm selling postcards from Colorado featuring photos I haven't taken yet (the trip is over!) and writing personalized notes. And I really really want to send one to you.


But Jenni, why would I be interested in that? 

Well, for starters, who doesn't love receiving mail? Especially with a cool photo and a handwritten note? Your contribution will really help with offsetting gas costs necessary to traverse half the country.

I will pick the final photo and send to you, and I can guarantee it will be a colorful landscape from the great state of Colorado. Scroll below to see examples of past work!

If you bought a postcard last year for my 2 month US road trip, thank you for your support! It really made a difference in how far I could go. I was able to ship out over 50 postcards to various supporters and hopefully brighten up some people's days.


Last Year's Postcard Haul

Here's what you'll get for $10:

-A custom photo postcard from Colorado
-A photo taken by yours truly
- A personalized note
- A place in my heart

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Deadline to order: June 21st

Estimated Delivery Date: July 2019


Examples of Past Colorado Photos

Do I still have your attention? Cool. Head over to the product page and pick one up now!

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