Spring & The Perennial Playbook

it's officially Spring!

Winter is a time for self reflection, hot chocolate by the fire, long naps, and for finally binge watching the show you've been putting off. While those all sound like romantic notions, I absolutely despise the cold weather and I long for the days of sitting on a park bench without freezing my buns off. With all my hatred aside, I do appreciate the comfort and pace that Winter occupies. This slowness has allowed me to double down on my business, my self care and opportunities for indoor creative activities.

As we transition into Spring, I find myself forgetting what it's like to walk around without being bundled up and frigid. I went outside last week with only a sweater in tow and felt naked. But it was liberating, and it had me thinking about how things feel a little shaky when the seasons change. Granted, I love Spring and welcome it with open arms, but the other part of me feels like I'm losing the comfort and discipline that Winter has brought. Once the weather shifts, its a lot harder for me to focus when I could be sippin' Spindrifts on the roof.

As there are seasons in the year, there are also seasons in life.

Perhaps you are just starting to break free of your routine and move abroad / you're starting a new job / you are in a state of great personal transformation / or you're ready to sit back, relax and reap the benefits of the hard work you've been doing.

For half of the last decade I have been moving around a lot and I feel like I'm in a constant state of change, but recently I've burnt out on that lifestyle. I've transitioned into a more grounded life by living back in Philadelphia close to family and friends. It's still a new feeling for me to be committed to staying in one place, and living alone is also a challenge in itself.

Last night I was thinking about LOST, as one might normally do 9 years after the show has ended. One of the characters, Desmond, was uncontrollably leaping through his time, and it came to his attention that he needed to pick a "constant" from each of his timelines to avoid having an aneurysm. (Dark, I know.) But it got me thinking about how no matter how overwhelmingly "new" (new city, new lifestyle, new business, new routine) things seem for me right now, there are constants in my life that I can return to in any season of life. These are the things that remind me that I don't always have to try to find something new and I can rely on my past.

[puh-ren-ee-uhl] adjective:

lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring:

The Perennial Playbook - Anytime Creative

Introducing: The Perennial Playbook.

A place for you to write down some of your favorite things. Post it on your fridge, your bulletin board, or hide it away so you can refer back to when you really need it. People prepare for an emergency before it occurs, so why not do it in this case? Prepare for those times that you just can't remember what your favorites are because ya burnt out.

These may change over time, but I invite you to print one out or fill out the form digitally and store it for safekeeping.
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