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Green Amidst Fog

Green Amidst Fog

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One of the best things I did on my last trip was take a solo trip to Los Picos - a large national park in Spain. I have done my fair share of US National Parks, but this was like no other. Between the language barrier and making sure I was making the correct bus connections, I ended up a hotel in Las Arenas which was luckily run by an Englishman. ⁠

The next day I hiked along the Rio Cares Gorge which was a relatively easy hike, save for falling rocks. Easy as it was, it was a 14 mile round trip and returning to the trailhead I realized I didn't really have a way to get back to the hotel. A shop was open, and he called a cab for me, but I had to wait at least an hour since cabs in that area were used to shuttle school children as well.⁠

Looking back on this, I wouldn't have ever wanted to be in a sticky situation without a plan. But I figured it out, and people are generally willing to help out in this world. I am glad for the adventure!⁠

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