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Self Care Adventure Cards

Self Care Adventure Cards

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The Self Care Adventure Cards are more than a card deck. Embark on an inner journey with this remarkable set of self care activities with over 150+ self care prompts! It can be used as Oracle Cards or just simple reflection cards. Embark on a self care journey, give as a personal development gift, or simply spend time in self reflection!

You can choose one at random, or sift through and decide what you'd like to do. There is even a wood block to put on your desk or table so that you are reminded of that card you chose.

The cards are printed on 300 GSM matte paper.
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  • 62 Self Care Cards

    With 62 cards in the 5 areas of self care, there are over 150 self care prompts to spark your self care journey. Each card is "themed" and contains 1-6 prompts to get you going!

  • Engraved Wood Block

    Do you ever pull a card and want to remember it for the day? The "I Am Enough" engraved woodblock serves two purposes - as a great reminder that yes, you ARE enough, and also to keep your daily or weekly card pull present in your day.

  • 5 Reflection Bookmarks

    Enjoy 5 reflection bookmarks that share prompts from the 5 areas of self care. You can easily put these in your journal to refer back to, or use a regular bookmark and get inspired while you read!

  • Topographic Card Cloth

    Want to pull the cards on a sacred cloth, or wrap them up when you are done? Or both? The topographic card cloth serves many purposes (some have used it as a dog bandana) and it's entirely up to you!

  • 10 Page Guidebook

    You don't have to go it alone! The guidebook is here to guide you through your self care journey, sharing the explanations of the 5 areas of self care and many many ways that you can use the deck

  • Magnetic Box

    All of this goodness comes wrapped up in a magnetic box designed to house this self care kit. You can easily carry this around on the go, or wrap your cards up in the card cloth if you want easy access to them!

"I love my Self Card Adventure deck!"

"Each card is beautifully and thoughtfully designed and offers great inspiration and ideas. It’s the sweetest gift for friends and family too - unique, unexpected, and such a treat!"


  • Revitalize

     Draw one, and bring some zest back into your life through movement and by clearing stale energy. 

  • Nourish

    When you pull a card to nourish yourself, you can fill your cup back up by taking the time to love yourself.

  • Express

     Taking a card to focus on using your words, body, and mind to bring something of your own into this word.

  • Connect

     A reminder to connect the dots between yourself and those around you, is where a card may inspire the next fulfilling conversation.

  • Reflect

     To prompt yourself into digging deeper, either actively or passively, use these to reflect on your journey through life.

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The Kickstarter - 293% funded in 2020!

Self care should be intuitive, fit into my lifestyle, and only when I need to focus on myself. I wanted to make it as easy as possible to tap into self care - whenever and wherever - and that's why I created this deck.